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Eurasia 2017 project

Eurasia 2017 project: NTNU-KPI Collaboration within Industry 4.0 Education

Project number CPEA-LT-2017/10047

Fields of education and training:

  1. Other engineering and technology (412)
  2. Mechanical engineering (407)
  3. Information, computer and communication technology (405)

Partnership information:

Main partner institution in Norway: Main partner institution in Ukraine:

NTNU- Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NO-NTNU)

Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering

Project coordinator:

Niels Peter Ostbo, Associate Professor, contact


KPI – National Technical University of Ukraine

Institute of Mechanical Engineering

Department of International Economics, Faculty of Management and Marketing

Project coordinator:

Professor Sergiy Shukayev, Head of the International Projects Office, contact


Project summary

The overall objective of this project is to offer attractive education within Sustainable Manufacturing through the exchange of knowledge between NTNU and KPI.

This will be done by strengthening existing cooperation between the institutions and establishing new contacts both among staff and students.

The project will emphasise improvement of already existing courses and programs in manufacturing topics related to Industry 4.0 and Additive Manufacturing, as well as facilitating research on these topics. Moreover, the cooperation seeks to develop modern teaching methods (learning factories and simulation), and a program to achieve better gender balance for staff and students in technical studies.

NTNU will also utilise co-operation with NCE Raufoss "Kvinnearena" with for example use of female role-models, seminars and targeted promotion. Finally, a strong academic alliance between the institution environments will, in addition to creating attractive study opportunities and increasing the quality of education, strengthen the mobility of both staff and students.

Students that are studying at partner institutions will therefore be able to get access to jointly developed courses and educational activities organised within the project.

The introduction of learning factory will change how technology management is taught and open up new possibilities for groundbreaking research.

Moreover, international experiences will enhance cultural exchange between students from KPI and NTNU. As corruption is an extremely important topic for Ukraine, study exchange opportunities will make it easier for Ukrainian students familiarise themselves with attitudes to corruption in Western Europe.

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