Аdvanced training and internship

The Institute of Mechanical Engineering provides advanced training and internships for the needs of the machine-building complex of Ukraine and provides an opportunity to obtain a second higher education in individual programs.

The main educational areas in which educational activities are carried out:

  • basics of design, manufacture and research of technical systems in the field of mechanical engineering;
  • legal protection of mechanical engineering facilities;
  • standardization, metrology and certification, including armaments and military equipment. Employees are trained in the following types: workshops, seminars-meetings, seminars-trainings, trainings, webinars, "round tables", etc.).

Upon graduation, students receive a certificate of advanced training of the state standard.

Contact Information:

NMC "Institute of Postgraduate Education"

MMI address: pr. Peremogy, 37, building 1, room. 225, 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel .: (044) 204-94-55

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